Initial Consultation

After a walk through of the client’s space, we sit down together and discuss in detail all the specific requirements for the project. The client details the problem areas to be addressed, their thoughts regarding solutions and identifies their “vision” for the space. The interior designer offers information about how their goals can be reached, the costs involved, and how it relates to their budget. We help clients prioritize their needs and determine the best use of their funds.

Budget discussions are perhaps one of the most uncomfortable, yet eye opening, steps in the process. Many homeowners have no point of reference when it comes to renovation costs. A consultation meeting provides the client the opportunity to get accurate, realistic information regarding cost and timeline. If the client has underestimated the cost of their project, the interior designer can help them find more cost efficient ways to reach their goals. Most interior designers have yet to be stumped on a solution when it comes to budgets.

The initial consultation is complete when an Action Plan for the customer is created. If the homeowner needs additional help, we will move forward on an hourly basis.