Adams Home Interior Redesign

Adams Home

The Adams Residence is one of our favorite remodels. The home already had lovely features but it was cavernous and dark. The projects began in the living room with the fireplace. We reworked the electrical and gas to move the fireplace and the television. The TV was located on the lower left side and, as you can see from the pictures, we moved it to the center. To accentuate the height of the ceiling, we added stone from the floor to the ceiling. It created a statement and an amazing focal point. We added the same fireplace stone to the entry and to the back wall in the hallway to tie everything together. Every wall received a fresh coat of paint that was lighter than the original dark matte finish. Artwork, furniture, rugs and lighting were the next projects we tackled. Larger fixtures that were stylish and illuminated the space better were installed.