Preliminary Interior Design Plan

Starts at $350

We will begin to develop your preliminary interior design by using the information we gather from the 90-minute initial consultation. The preliminary interior design involves the development of draft schematics that showcase your design concept. The preliminary interior design process enables us to work with you during the beginning of your remodel as we exchange ideas about your design vision. Depending on the nature of your remodel project, the preliminary interior design involves the following considerations:

  • The selection of your interior finishes
  • The design of your cabinetry
  • A 2D layout of your furniture
  • Selection of your lighting
  • Selection of your window treatments
  • Selection of your paint colors

This step in our process will provide you with a computerized mood board that will help you visualize your project before the start of your remodel and will give your general contractor a project on which to bid. If the homeowner needs additional help, we will move them into the Final Design phase.